The Story of Bon Secour

Over 108 years ago, the Woerner Family came as German Immigrants to the United States and began farming in south Alabama. Through the decades of of farming, the Woerner Family has endured droughts, floods, hurricanes, market fluctuations and many other farming experiences while relying upon a livelihood from the agriculture industry. Through all the generations, different crops and economic fluctuation, the Woerner Family has held tight to their principles of hard work and strong Christian values to develop knowledge and expertise to help shape the worldwide company they have become today.

The Woerner Family is most notably known for their premium turf grass production, landscape supply stores and golf course experience, but the family has been farming vegetative agriculture products for decades. With a vision towards a sustainable agriculture future, the Woerner Family is opening a new division called Bon Secour Valley Ingredients (BSVI) in Foley, Alabama. This new division will diversify the family to focus on sustainable agriculture by producing prepared foods and ingredients. BSVI is opening a 40,000 sq.ft. facility that will operate multiple dehydration, roasting, and extrusion lines to convert perishable fruits and vegetables into a more sustainable dehydrated form that will not require refrigeration, maintain a longer shelf life all while providing an all-natural product with healthy nutritional value. 

The main ingredients for the initial plant production will consist of: chicory, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, sweet corn, bread fruit, butternut squash, kale and pumpkin. Our focus is to go straight from the farm to BSVI for dehydration and then to your home in the form of a dehydrated banana, smoothie mix, powdered chicory and so much more.

According to George Woerner, CEO of BSVI, "We are committed to providing quality agriculture products from farmers to families. Farming is the backbone to our economy and health. As we look into the future of farming, dehydration is a critical component to helping farmers minimize the waste of unused agriculture products and deliver nutritious, all-natural food items to places all over the world."

The Woerner Family will now continue into the future by using wholesome agriculture products to produce sustainable, all-natural food ingredients for people here in the United States as well worldwide.