The Bon Secour Farm

At our core, we live to farm and farm to live. As multi-generational farmers we know that the quality of our farm sourced products are equally important as the products we produce. With a 100 year legacy of farming behind us, we take great pride in growing our own quality produce on our own farms for dehydration.

Bon Secour Valley Ingredients produces high-quality products produced from our own farms as well as a hand selected list of the best local, regional and international farms based on our clients specific needs and requests. Our farming operation is based in Baldwin County, Alabama known four our rich soils and conducive agriculture climate.

Crop Irrigation

Chicory in the Field

Like most farming families, our operation is always in full swing. We are either planning, planting, growing or harvesting agriculture products according to the season and market demands including crops from chicory to sweet corn.